It’s all about speed to lead

When it comes to online lead generation your response time is CRITICAL.  With direct integrations you no longer have to manually upload your leads into your CRM and start a conversation.  The moment a lead submits their info on any lead gen platform you can instantly trigger a campaign to start.  Your leads will receive the first text message in around 10 seconds… FAASSSTTTT

Zapier makes everybody happier. With our direct Zapier integration you can connect Roof Lead Pro to just about any software on the planet!

Seconds matter

Speed to lead is CRUCIAL for conversion.  Zapier is the most trusted “bridge” software available.  We’ve put hundreds of thousands of leads through the Zapier integration and they have proven to be incredibly reliable.

Wherever your leads are coming from, you can count on our Zapier integration to push the lead through and trigger the campaign.

Phonesites makes lead generation easy. Our direct integration makes sure those leads get the message... FAST

Phonesites + RoofLeadPro

Are you generating leads with PhoneSites?

If not, they sure do make it easy.  Connecting these two systems is a match made in heaven.

Simply click a few buttons to connect the systems, choose the campaign you want to trigger.  Sit back and watch the magic happen.  RoofLeadPro will connect with your lead in under 10 seconds… Now that’s FAST.

JotForm creates some of the most beautiful and highest-converting survey style forms on the internet. Once the survey is complete, RoofLeadPro can take it from there.

Jotform + Roofleadpro

With JotForm you can create high-converting, dynamic forms that capture high quality leads.

With our direct integration you can push the data from the survey directly into RoofLeadPro and trigger campaigns based on the results of the survey.

Connect with your leads fast with the right message.

Facebook lead ads are a SUPER easy way to generate leads. But you have to connect fast. Our direct integration makes that easy!

Connect Faster

People tend to complain that Facebook Lead Ads are no good.  But usually it’s not the lead that’s the problem, but the follow up process.

People just aren’t connecting fast enough.

With our direct integration you can instantly trigger a campaign the moment the lead submits their info.  Have a text message delivered within 10 seconds!

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It’s like having a full-time marketing assistant

All of your leads get a response within 1 minute

Communicate with your leads throughout the entire sales process… automatically

Never miss a single follow up