What is a Drip Campaign?

Whether you’re a roof or solar professional your industry comes with it’s own lingo. KiloWatt Hours, Squares, etc…we don’t always speak the same language. The same applies to business marketing. Let’s take a minute to discuss the importance of Drip Campaigns and how to use them with RoodLeadPro

In short a drip campaign is a series of messages that are schedule to go out to a contact over a certain amount of time. Drip campaigns can be short, spanning a couple days, or they can be indefinite. They can be built for new leads as well as existing customers. We have it all.

Sales Drip Campaign:

As you may have heard, 71% of leads never receive any type of follow up. Consider your busy schedule and what it would take to manually text, call, or email every lead, consistently for, let’s say…2 weeks. That’s an incredible amount of time spent typing, organizing, and sending messages without letting one single prospect slip through. Seems easy enough…until it’s not.

This is where a Sales Drip Campaign comes into play. In RLP you’ll have access to Campaign Builder which will allow you set up and run a drip campaign. Here is a basic example of what this looks like:

New Lead Campaign

Day 1 (send text message) “Hello, (lead first name) this is Blake with RoofLeadPro, I just got your information sent over to me. When is a good time to get on a call?

Day 2 (send text message) “Hey (lead first name) Blake here with RoofLeadPro, I wanted to follow up and see when you and I could jump on a call to discuss the platform. Does today work?”

Day 4 (send text/email) “Hey (lead first name) here is a link to a short video we put together that will explain how this system can be used in your business. I also sent you an email. When can we chat?”

You get the idea. With RoofLeadPro you have the ability to customize endless amounts of messages that will convert more of your leads into sales, help stay more organized as well as generate more online reviews and referrals.