Automation + One to One Interaction

Business keeps us busy and we all have multiple irons in the fire. With more to do than time to do it in, it’s inevitable that things will fall through the cracks. This is why learning how to automate follow up is becoming more and more important in today’s market. It’s a powerful way to engage leads and determine who the best opportunities are. However, there is a second piece to automation that can sometime go overlooked—the human touch.

While we’d like to automate every aspect of the sales process, there are things that simply require a human connection. With RoodLeadPro, we’ve created the perfect blend of automation that will save your company time and money, while also allowing for personal human contact to take place when needed most.

Whether your prospect responds immediately to your first text or it takes several automated messages from them to engage, you’ll have the ability to immediately take over the conversation by responding directly from our Message Central platform which allows for one-to-one messaging or placing a call directly from the system.

Customizable campaigns that can be tailor-fit to your company’s language ensure your prospects are receiving messages as if you were sending them from your personal cell phone. This method is essential to maintaining congruency when the time comes to stop automated message and move to a one to one conversation via SMS or phone call. Our goal is to have your prospects be guided through the message sequence seamlessly and never feel they’ve been responding to a bot.