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What is a Drip Campaign

What is a Drip Campaign? Whether you're a roof or solar professional your industry comes with it's own lingo. KiloWatt Hours, Squares, etc...we don't always speak the same language. The same applies to business marketing. Let's take a minute to discuss the importance of Drip Campaigns and how to use them with RoodLeadPro In short

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Converting More Leads

How to convert leads into sales opportunities: One of the most daunting tasks for business owners is generating leads. Whether you self perform or hire out, it takes time and money. What many owners don't stop and think about is what to do with the leads when they actually do start coming in. We focus

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Automation + One to One

Automation + One to One Interaction Business keeps us busy and we all have multiple irons in the fire. With more to do than time to do it in, it's inevitable that things will fall through the cracks. This is why learning how to automate follow up is becoming more and more important in today's

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